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How Much is Your Obsolete HR Technology Costing You?

Discover how failing to make the proper investments in your tech could be hurting your bottom line.

Discover how not investing in the right technology can access different areas of business, and the effects of failing to make these investments. Slow, outdated technology can have a serious impact on your employees’ productivity and efficiency. Even worse, it can cause morale and engagement to plummet. Did you know that disengaged employees can cost up to 34% of their salary in missed shifts, tardiness, and disrupting others?

Unfortunately, many organizations continuously forego making the proper tech investments, and even more may neglect tracking their investments to see if they are wasting money or seeing a positive return. Poor technology leads to lost productivity across all areas of the organization, such as:

  • Communication
  • Project completion
  • Customer service

So, what happens to your bottom line when technology lets you down?