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Work Self vs. Home Self:
Cultivating the Art of Work-Life Blending

How to establish a healthy interconnection between work and life.

Work Self vs. Home Self

Between work and home, you have a lot of balls to juggle. From meetings and projects, to taking the kids to school (or having to oversee their education from home) and practicing physical fitness, you may find yourself worn out trying to balance the two sides. The effort to attain that balance could ironically lead to even more stress. Recently, the concept of work-life balance has been replaced by work-life blend—creating a healthy mix of the responsibilities of your professional and personal life.

Work-life blend means that all the things you have to do matter; it means that you can simultaneously meet the obligations of your work self and home self without sacrificing one side for the other. The evolution of technology makes this much easier to do as you can take work to home and home to work, while taking the necessary time for your mental health.

Learn four steps to take to achieve work-life blend, including how you can help your employees do the same.