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How HR Can Use AI Without Losing the Human Touch

There’s no need to fear the machine. Artificial Intelligence can enable us to work more human.

How HR Can Use AI Without Losing the Human Touch In today's world, it's hard to find a piece of technology that doesn’t use artificial intelligence (AI) within its software. It can be found in any streaming service, some of our favorite brands’ websites, and even our social media. So, why shouldn’t our workforce benefit from the technology that helps make our personal lives easier.

Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, breaks down how AI can be practically applied to the field of HR to empower your people to work more human.

The report covers:

  • Why we need machine learning in HR functions such as hiring, learning, and employee engagement
  • How to actively watch for and avoid algorithmic bias
  • Ways to become more human and personal with our work based upon predictions from AI

AI allows us to work more human by stripping away tasks that were already considered fairly robotic. Discover how machine learning can be used to support, not replace our HR professionals.