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UltiPro with Workforce Dimensions: Product Profile

Access unprecedented levels of insight with a digitally transformed, unified workforce management solution.

The most effective workforce management solutions embrace automation and digital transformation at their cores. Every element of UltiPro with Workforce Dimensions, from its functionality to integration to data analytics to support, is designed to help optimize business and take care of your most valuable asset—your people.

With UltiPro with Workforce Dimensions, teams can:

  • Automate complex time and attendance tracking, including global work rules
  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) to better align labor to demand and prevent employee burnout
  • Build critical KPIs into easily accessible reporting and visualizations
  • Empower employees to collaborate on their schedules and self-serve, from any device or location
  • Streamline administration and enforcement of leave policies (including FMLA)

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