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The "Three I's" of Augmented Listening

How AI makes it easy to conduct and analyze employee surveys

The Three I’s of Augmented Listening Whitepaper

Are you grappling with issues of productivity, turnover and/or engagement among your employees? To address these challenges, you have to get to the root of them. While it may seem as simple as “ask and listen to your employees,” that premise invites more complications than you might expect.

Enter augmented listening—using sentiment analysis tools backed by the power of technology to deliver instant, infinite, and insightful results that can be used to implement effective follow-up.

Remove the burden of traditional employee surveys from your HR team and make their lives easier with artificial-intelligence (AI) tools. You’ll benefit from faster, more accurate analyses that cost less in the long run. Discover how bleeding-edge technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning help transform the way employers can listen to the voice of the employee.