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Mind Matters: Mental Health at Work

It’s time we have a serious conversation about mental health at work.

Learn what you can do as an employer to help your employees struggling with mental illnesses. "Mental health" seems to be today's latest buzzword, but it's among the most serious of issues that all employers face.

Heather Bussing, Employment Attorney, Author, and Editor for HRExaminer, discusses in detail:

  • What mental illness can look like for employees
  • Her personal struggle with illness and addiction
  • What employers can do to support employees who may be struggling
  • Tips for employees who may be dealing with mental illness

It’s time we bring these issues into the open, recognize how common they are, and what we can do as employers to help.

"Well-being at work is a lot like work-life balance. There's no such thing. It's all life." — Heather Bussing

To learn more, on mental health in the workplace, watch our on-demand webcast on mental health at work with Heather Bussing and Ultimate Software’s Sr. Director of HCM Innovation, Jarik Conrad.