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HCM Interactive Tour:
The Power of UltiPro Perception®

Do you know how your people really feel about work?

UltiPro Perception makes it easy to survey your workforce and gain real-time analysis of employee feedback and sentiment Simply tracking multiple-choice survey responses won’t help you accurately measure how your people really feel in the workplace. True sentiment analysis requires a solution that goes beyond traditional employee-feedback tools.

UltiPro Perception does the heavy lifting of collecting and understanding employee feedback to provide the insight you need to:

  • Listen to your employees’ true feelings regarding their work and leadership, as well as their top concerns
  • Understand what your team is saying, through built-in natural language processing (NLP)
  • Act on real-time results delivered with unparalleled speed and accuracy

When you’re tuned into the voice of your employees, you can take the right steps to build relationships, improve retention, and increase overall satisfaction.

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